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Because nonprofits devote most of their resources to sparking change in the community, they may face budget constraints when it comes to marketing. Video content is an integral part of a marketing strategy and we are here to help tell your story in a way that compels donors and volunteers.



GratiFILM, a 501(c)(3), was founded by Ryan and Elizabeth Schorman in 2020. At the age of 16, Ryan got into filmmaking through skateboarding, which later led to working at an ad agency and doing freelance production. Elizabeth worked as an investment banker at JPMorgan and the couple married in 2009. In 2011, combining their knowledge of the film industry and finance, Ryan and Elizabeth founded Wooden Camera, which designs, manufactures, and sells accessories for high-end cinema cameras.  With Ryan designing the products and Elizabeth running the company, it grew to more than 2,000 products and 40 employees.

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While watching friends and family lead local nonprofits through the 2020 pandemic, it became clear that organizations needed to quickly shift their fundraising efforts to virtual methods rather than traditional in-person events.  To help local organizations raise funds, Ryan and Elizabeth began creating videos to tell the nonprofits' stories, how they have adapted in the COVID-19 era, and what they need from donors to keep doing their good work.

Check out some of our other short films at or contact us at with any questions! 


Gratis derives from the Latin word for favor, which speaks to both our pro bono services and gratitude for the chance to use our professional film industry skills to help our community.

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